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Trollstigen (The Troll's ladder) links Valldal in Sunnmøre with Åndalsnes in Romsdalen. This is one of Norway’s largest and most visited tourist attractions, with its narrow, winding and very steep road and bridges.

To drive Trollstigen can be a scary experience. The narrow winding road snakes its way up the almost vertical mountainside overlooked by mighty mountains called the King, the Bishop and the Queen. The views are breathtaking, but maybe not suited for those with a fear of heights. The Ister waterfall thunders its way down the mountains under an equally robust stone bridge supporting the road and on into the fertile Isterdalen (Ister valley). Trollstigen was built in 1935 and is a fine monument to building and engineering skills.

This is a traditional tourist road in the dramatic surroundings of Western Norway, naturally decorated with tall mountains, deep fiords and lush valleys. The historic Trollstigen road has 11 curling bends and was opened the summer of 1936. Today, the Trollstigen plateau is modernized with an impressive architectonic style imprinted in buildings, paths and sightseeing platforms.

Experience Fjellro and its beautiful surroundings

Come stay for a night or two at our unique hotel, and use it as a base for exploring Valldal and its nearby attractions. Our hotel rooms are situated near the main building, right by the cosy garden and mountain.

Fjellro Turisthotell

Syltegata, Valldal

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  • Avatar Shon, B.I. ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    Very good service, clean room, very comfortable for the family, very rich and delicious breakfast
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    Had Coffee & Snack. Very friendly and helpful!
  • Avatar John Mason ★★★★★ a year ago
    This was a charming, pretty hotel. Dinner was delicious. The friendly proprietor has taught English, and she was great at answering my questions about Norwegian. … read more
  • Avatar Stefan Fryklund ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    Perfect place in the middle of Geiranger and Trollstigen

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